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Who We Are

Expertise + Innovation - Metalex is a performance-driven, high quality, advanced technology, contract machining company.

We specialize in high precision machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly of complex, close tolerance parts, assemblies and tooling. Our highly talented team of designers, engineers, programmers and machinists embrace challenging first-time projects and prototypes for high tech needs as well as optimize processes for production runs on commercial applications.

For nearly 50 years, we have been serving a diverse customer base across many industries including Aerospace, Energy, Oil & Gas, Science, Consumer Goods, Space, Marine and many more. We continuously reinvest in our technology, facilities and people to provide world-class manufacturing capability to our customers on their most ambitious projects regardless of size. Metalex is proud to be the one-stop, partner of choice for industry leading companies across multiple markets.

Mission – Your Manufacturing Partner

At Metalex, our goal is to serve as the industry leader in high-tech manufacturing and the partner of choice for the development of complex precision parts and their assemblies. We work with leading companies across multiple industries to achieve competitive excellence and work to foster a company culture of open communication, knowledge sharing and maximized resources that empowers our team to leverage advanced technology toward customer success and manufacturing innovation.

Forward Vision – Investing in Tomorrow

From the beginning, Metalex’s approach to business has been aimed toward providing our customers with a one-stop shop for the latest in manufacturing technology and support from a team of the most talented professionals in the industry. To ensure continuous improvement toward that goal, we aggressively invest in the future with advanced machining systems, shared learning resources and a company structure that enables self-directed team members to contribute to the business’s long-term success. Our ability to provide innovative manufacturing services with unique capabilities and market-driven planning makes Metalex the partner of choice across a wide range of industrial segments, and we stand ready to use our talents to help our customers achieve competitive excellence and ongoing business growth.

Message From The Founder

Metalex is a privately held, veteran-owned U.S. firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1971 by Sue and Werner Kummerle and a few exceptional craftsman, Metalex has grown to be one of America’s leading high-tech manufacturing companies supporting the mission critical projects for global leaders in the aerospace, consumer goods, defense, science, marine and energy industries, among many others.

Today, Metalex encompasses over 400,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space overseen by a talented workforce that is 130 teammates strong. We’ve established lasting relationships with many global customers, including NASA, major aircraft, power generation and space manufacturers, leading consumer packaging goods companies and researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy, among others.

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Company History

Metalex was Founded

In 1971, Werner and Sue Kummerle started Metalex, a small machine shop, with a few exceptional craftsman working in a small rental warehouse located in Blue Ash at 5207 Creek Road. An early decision was made to focus on helping our customers achieve success on their most challenging and complex projects by providing a unique combination technology, expertise, exceptional quality, on-time delivery and service.

Metalex Builds 1st Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio

Just 6 years after the start of operations, Metalex purchased land and built Metalex’s first facility at 5750 Cornell Rd in Blue Ash just a few minutes outside of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Metalex Expands Operations to Support Building of Large Equipment for OEMs

Metalex expands operations to a 2nd facility (40,000 sq. ft) at 11135 Deerfield Road in Blue Ash, Ohio. Metalex made a long-term business decision to support OEM’s in the design, build and service of large horizontal broaching machines for the automotive and diesel engine industries. During the early 1980s, the company manufactured numerous aftermarket broach components. By 1988, Metalex was rebuilding major broach assemblies, completing its first full horizontal broach system in 1990.

Today, this standalone environmentally controlled facility provides Metalex with the flexibility to support our customer’s special projects including; major assembly and testing requirements for a diverse group of customers and industries such as; broach machines, consumer goods equipment, aerospace production cells, large assemblies, etc.

Metalex Completes Major Facility Expansion in Partnership with our Customer

Metalex makes a business decision to build a (100,000 sq.ft) addition to our 5750 Cornell Rd facility, to be used by one of our major customers as a product supply research and development facility for one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Metalex was select by this customer to support developing and optimizing equipment used to make consumer goods products ranging from toothbrushes, paper towels, feminine products, potato chips, consumer packaging, etc.

NASA and Pratt and Whitney Select Metalex to Manufacture Impeller for Space Shuttle Main Engine

In 1995, representatives from NASA and Pratt & Whitney visited Metalex. Among the visitors was Otto Goetz, NASA’s chief engineer for the Space Shuttle’s Main Engine (SSME) and one of the few remaining pioneers from Dr. Werner Von Braun’s original U.S. Space program.

The NASA team was looking for a company with precision 5-axis milling expertise required to manufacture the complex one-price impellers for the space shuttle’s turbopumps, an exceptionally difficult project. After this meeting Metalex was selected and successfully delivered a perfectly conforming 1st article of the re-designed SSME impeller in less than 6 months.

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Astronauts Visit Metalex and Speak to 130 local School Children

Astronauts Navy Commander Christopher Ferguson and Army lieutenant colonel Timothy Creamer, along with representatives from Boeing and Pratt and Whitney visited Metalex to thank the team “for their level of dedication and commitment to supporting the US Space program by building equipment that is critical to the overall success of each mission to space”. The high light of this event was the astronauts speaking to 130 local school children about what it is like to travel to space.

Dr. Russel Ackoff Visited Metalex

The late Dr. Russel Ackoff, Professor emeritus of the Wharton School, author of Recreating the Corporation, visit Metalex and observed:

The visit to Metalex was very exciting and it reinforced my belief that significant progress is possible in the corporate world. Metalex has by far the most advanced manufacturing system I have ever seen, one based on using and developing employee competence and job satisfaction. It endows work with dignity and purpose. Little wonder the company’s employees extract so much satisfaction from their work.

Although the company is far from status and far from being “stuck” it appears to be eagerly awaiting the next quantum leap in the future and it wants to lead the way there. Senior management conceived and directed implementation of past jumps that have made the company the outstanding organization that it is. Senior management has been atypically open to new ideas and has been willing to try them. Now it appears to be reaching out for another break from the past.

The next break should be one that comes form the workforce blue-and-white collar. They should be organized so that they generate and implement new ideas. This increased responsibility at the working level should not discourage senior management from continuing to develop innovations, but it should not be the only, or even principle ,source of innovation

– Dr. Russell Ackoff

Metalex Receives US Small Business Administration Supplier of the Year Award

U.S. Small Business Association National Subcontractor of the Year

Metalex earned the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Subcontractor of the year award for outstanding performance on several critical Department of Energy projects, including critical components for scientific research at Oak Ridge and Argonne National Laboratories. The company earned the award after being selected by an national independent panel of subject matter experts with representatives from all 48 states voting to select the winner of the award each year.

Metalex Becomes only the 22nd Supplier to Achieve United Technologies Supplier Gold Status

United Technologies Corporation Supplier Gold

In a competition with a total of 10,000 suppliers, Metalex became the 22nd United Technologies Corporation supplier to achieve Supplier Gold status by meeting a minimum of 98% for the following performance criteria; on-time delivery, quality and cost competitive status.

Metalex Builds New Center for Large Precision Manufacturing

In 2011, Metalex completed construction of a new 40,000 sq. ft. environmentally controlled facility designed for precision manufacturing of large complex components for a diverse group of customers in the Power, Marine, Aerospace, Space, Defense, Mining and Nuclear industries. This state-of-the-art-facility is equipped with a 150 ton crane capacity and 46 feet under the hook, and a large VTL equipped with 5-axis milling capability and up to 27.9 ft. of travel in Y-axis. In addition, this machine can handle work pieces of up to 23.6 ft in diameter and up to 22.9 ft. of turning height. Click the link below to see a time lapse video of of the machine assembly at Metalex.


General Stanley McChrystal Visit To Metalex

After visiting Metalex, General Stanley McChrystal provided the following insight about his visit:

“Talent – as we both know, talent is the most important part of an organization. During my shop tour, I found that you clearly value your people and their development. The facility was extremely well kept and organized; a sign of true professionalism. Your operators are extremely proud of their skill sets and the importance of their work. I was especially impressed with some of the mentoring being accomplished on the shop floor.”

- Stan McChrystal | General (Ret.), U.S. Army

NASA Deep Space Exploration Event at Metalex

Aerospace Industry Leaders sponsor an event to honor Metalex for our team's contributions in support of deep space exploration on the Orion and SLS programs. The award was presented to the Metalex team by astronauts, elected officials and management from Aerospace industry leaders.


Metalex Completed High Bay Expansion

In 2020, Metalex completed construction of a new 45,000 sq. ft. environmentally controlled facility designed for precision manufacturing and assembly of large complex components for a diverse group of customers in the Power, Marine, Aerospace, Space, Consumer,  Defense, Mining and Nuclear industries. This state-of-the-art-facility is equipped with a 150 ton crane capacity and 46 feet under the hook. Click here to see a timelapse video of construction.


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