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Weight : 2,490 lbs Size: L 85.4 “ x W 25.6” x H 27.8 “ Material 316L (LN) SST

The Mercury Target module is a prototype nuclear device designed to produce and control pulses of neutron radiation by splitting neutrons from mercury atoms through the bombardment of the module by protons fired from a linear accelerator. Spallation Neutron Source is capable of producing the most intense pulsed neutron beams ever achieved, providing an exciting new tool for the international scientific community to study the composition of inorganic and living materials on the atomic scale. For perspective, if the 90-acre, 1.4 billion SNS facility were compared to a lamp, then the Target module produced by Metalex would be the light bulb.

The Target module consists of three major subassemblies and a variety of instrumentation which requires highly specialized machining, including welding by electron beam process. The demands of this project gave Metalex the opportunity to partner with SNS scientists and engineers, addressing every challenge along the way with a positive can-do attitude.

Since successful on-time delivery of the first prototype target module, SNS selected Metalex to build the next six production target module units. Metalex has also produced specialized equipment for SNS related to the linear accelerator, accumulator ring, target monolith, mercury distribution and recovery systems for the “hot cell” and the Inner Reflector Plug. Based on our work on these critical projects, Metalex was selected as the US Small Business Administration’s National Subcontractor of the Year. Learn More

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316L Stainless Target Module Welding

316L Stainless Target Module Machining

316L Stainless Target Module Assembly

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