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The key to ensuring your most complex and challenging projects are a
success is integrated engineering project management. Metalex has developed decades of project management experience through our work in the high tech manufacturing, consumer product development, energy and aerospace industries. We use detailed upfront planning, strong communication throughout the design, manufacturing and subcontract supply chain and onsite engineering support to identify and solve problems before they
become major schedule and cost drivers.

Metalex understands that schedules and costs are critical for all projects. Our systems allow project managers and customers to break down tasks and costs to individual parts and assemblies. This enables schedule and cost verification within 24 hours and the ability to quickly test, debug and implement any changes or improvements that may come up during the course of a project.

Many projects require that we partner and coordinate with several suppliers. We partner with leading firms for design support in structural, thermal, and fluid flow analysis, and for electrical, custom electronics, and PLC engineering requirements. We serve as your single point of contact for all design, production and development issues. Metalex will be there every step of the way to make sure your product meets stringent quality standards and is delivered on time and budget. When your product requires on-site installation or support anywhere around the globe, our talented team will be there working as your partner to coordinate the project.

On-time Delivery, Manufacturing and Project Engineers Support Weekly Telecom with Customer.

Manufacturing and Project Engineers Review Planning for Project.

On-time Delivery Team Reviews Night Shift Schedule

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