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Metalex offers complete design and build of specialized machinery, equipment repair or modifications and rapid prototyping. Our services include; Design, Value and Reverse Engineering, Project Management, and advanced manufacturing and quality planning with document control systems for
change management.

With our culture deeply rooted in service and value, our experienced and talented engineering team excels when partnering with customers to help them meet challenges, solve problems and reach goals, often under difficult time and cost restraints. We leverage the expertise and learning gained from each project to provide our customers with superior solutions and the highest quality workmanship, cost effectively.

Our expertise is far ranging. Metalex designs and produces first-of-its-kind prototypes, as well as production parts, for global leaders in the Aerospace, Defense, Energy and Consumer Goods industries. We frequently apply the critical manufacturing skills, technology and learning acquired from our work in one industry to customers across many other industries.

Value Engineering
Partnering with our customers to improve manufacturability and reduce cost is rooted in our company culture, our history of continuously helping customers enhance design for manufacturability and performance while reducing cost supported their efforts to win new business and increase their market share.  

Our experience includes, but is not limited to, working with leaders in the
following industries:
• Consumer Products Equipment
• Human Space Flight and Rocket Propulsion Components
• Energy Science Inner Reflector Plug, Linear Accelerators and Target modules
• Ground-Based Turbine and Compressor Components
• Airframe Structural and Aircraft Engine Components
• ASME code certified pressure vessels
• Specialized Precision Tooling and Fixtures
• Automotive Industry
• Industrial Equipment and Machine Manufacturing Industry

Engineering Teammates Review ASME Code Requirements for Project. 

Engineer Verifies A Precision Fixture He Designed By Laying The Finish Part Model Over The Fixture Model. 

Design Engineer, Programmer And Hands-On Technical Shop Leader Develop Manufacturing Process And Fixturing Concept Before Starting The Job.

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