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Metalex�?world-class capabilities include precision milling and turning of large components, with a turning envelop of up to 23.6 ft in diameter and a 5-axis milling envelope of up to 23.6 feet in X , 27.9 feet in Y, 19.9 feet in height, with a 200-ton hydrostatic table capacity.

Our large 5-axis milling and turning capabilities are ideal any project requiring tight tolerances and precision finishes. The mission critical components machined in this area are frequently the foundation of prototype development projects and large assemblies for major customer initiatives in the aerospace, energy and commercial industries, including components such as airframes, turbines, casings and pressure vessels.

Utilizing our unique combination of 5-Axis milling and turning, along with the latest in tooling technology, our highly skilled workforce is a trusted partner, helping our customers achieve competitive excellence and win new business in this critical industry niche.

Metalex�?large precision machining center is located in an independent 30,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility with 150-ton crane capacity and 48 ft under the hook height. The building has an environmental control system to maintain consistent temperature levels.

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