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The 3.4 meter long planer hybrid undulators are made from:
1. Extremely strong neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets
2. Precision magnet poles made of vanadium permendur
3. Precision machined titanium strongbacks

Working directly with Argonne’s team of talent scientists, Metalex was able to support the development of the manufacturing process from concept to production, delivering over twenty 3.4 meter long undulators within 15 months of delivering the 1st article. This project is an excellent example of how Metalex partners with our customers to meet challenging time and cost objectives and delivery excellent quality through knowledge sharing and teamwork.

The discovery of x-ray machines a century ago amazed and astonished people, revealing the insides of their bodies and opening up a vast new and previously unimaginable area of scientific study.

The LCLS, the world’s first x-ray laser, will also open up unprecedented opportunities. Pioneering experiments will advance our understanding of everything from hidden physics inside planets, to how proteins function as the engines of life, to how to build nanotechnology devices that will form the backbone of future industry and technology. The applications are medicine, electronics, biology, solid-state physics, nanotechnology, energy and industry–fields of endeavor that we cannot even imagine will be created.

The LCLS Project Team In Front Of Titanium Strongback.

Inspection of 3.4 Meter Long Titanium Strongback.

Machining Of Titanium Strongback Before Assembly At Metalex.

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