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Due to their complexity, the projects Metalex handles require many people, multiple steps and diverse talents, typically under strict cost, time and precision demands. To achieve excellence under such rigorous conditions, Metalex teammates must work together seamlessly and flawlessly.

Interaction Without Boundaries™ (IWB) is Metalex’ proprietary process for ensuring workflow excellence without fail. It is a powerful tool for communicating expectations between and among Metalex teammates. It brings a new level of clarity to each person’s role, enables a smooth transition along each step of a project’s life and, ultimately, helps ensure optimal quality, productivity and cost efficiencies. The measure of Interaction Without Boundaries is not in processes, procedures or systems alone. It is in our people, looking at Metalex as "our" company. Their day-to-day actions and WINNING ATTITUDES are the linchpin to true success.

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Interaction Without Boundaries™

Interaction Without Boundaries™ is illustrated by this submarine analogy in which the goal is for everyone to be “in the boat” and working together as a unit on a mission. It
is a way of working that is epitomized in the words of Dr. Russ Ackhoff … “The performance of a system depends on how its parts interact, not how they act separately.” Initiatives like Interaction Without Boundaries make Metalex the supplier
of choice for customers who want the best expertise and the best in time and cost efficiencies.

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