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EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Wire & Ram/Sinker capabilities include:
  • 5-axis RAM/Sinker to 58" x 43" x 27“ with simultaneous rotation of B & C
  • 5-axis submerged wire to 37" x 32" x 13“ with taper in two axis and large part Thickness up to 23.6"
  • Dedicated high-speed 5-axis electrode manufacturing
  • In-house recast removal and generators certified for aerospace applications
  • RAM EDM able to hold recast within .0002” to .0004” consistently
  • NADCAP qualified for Wire and RAM EDM processes

Of all the technologies applied at Metalex, EDM is probably the least familiar to most customers. Within the high tech teams focusing on the processes for complex aerospace components, EDM is a welcome partner that brings unique solutions impossible by any other method. Frequently, these solutions provide applications and innovations that reduce cost and throughput time for production of commercial parts as well. EDM technology within Metalex includes RAM and Wire applications.

RAM/SINKER – capabilities up to 5-axis, apply reverse image forms machined in electrode materials such as graphite or copper alloy. Normally, these electrodes are produced at Metalex on a special machining center designed specifically for such applications. Our machines are equipped with the latest generator technology for higher removal rates of hard metals such as Titanium, inconel and other hard exotic metals. This technology is capable of holding recast layers as low as .0002”.

Wire – capabilities include conventional and submerged to 5-axis of parts up to 23.6 inches tall, with the 10+ inch upper head travel capability for very large taper cuts.

With over 25 years of hands-on EDM experience, combined with our frequent research and development applications that push the limit of EDM technology, Metalex is the partner of choice for challenging projects that require EDM expertise.

Wire EDM Up to 23.6" Tall

5-axis Milling of Electrodes

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