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Metalex partnered with customer and NASA engineers to design for manufacturability, machine and build this complex testbed assembly for control research of turbine based combined cycle propulsion systems. The CCE testbed will be installed in the NASA Glenn Research Center’s 10’ by 10’ foot supersonic wind tunnel.

The CCE Testbed is designed to enable simulated acceleration of a vehicle from lower supersonic mach numbers to over mach 4 speeds. Ideally, these hardware tests will result in a demonstration of an inlet system capable of maintaining inlet operability and safety margins with maximum performance through all flight conditions, including mode transition.

The CCE Testbed project is an excellent example of how Metalex supports our customers' one-of-a-kind prototype development projects, providing enhanced design for manufacturability support that ultimately reduces the cost and lead time of the project.

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Metalex Teammate Inspects Base of Testbed Assembly.

Instrumentation Installed in CCE Testbed Assembly

Partially Assembled CCE Testbed.

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