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Metalex is a high-technology manufacturing company committed to being the best-in-class and to giving every teammate the opportunity to be the best they can be where teammates are rewarded for excellence in what they do and where all are empowered to support total customer satisfaction.

Self-Directed Workforce - Working Together, Learning Together, Thinking Together Metalex operates as a flat organization that reflects a culture built on trust and teamwork supported by hands-on leaders. At Metalex, there are no supervisors. We are a self-directed workforce. Every teammate is expected to operate with a “can do attitude that encourages our philosophy of “I have a partner, I don need a boss Our employees are the engine that drive Metalex culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing and are committed to winning as one team and one company.

Culture And Values
At Metalex, Quality, Craftsmanship and service are the culture and character of our company. It’s about building trust with honest and open communication with teammates, customers and business partners with an unrelenting commitment to do what is right. We do what we say, and say what we do. This is what sets our people and company apart. To learn more and see the 8 principles of Metalex' Corporate culture Click Here.

Why a Career at Metalex?
At Metalex, our work environment is designed to foster personal, career and company growth. As a technology company, Metalex offers unique growth and advancement opportunities. All of our employees receive extensive cross training to support the ever changing needs of our customers, and at the same time elevate their personal marketability. Our culture is to select hands-on leadership, rewarding people for their actual performance and supporting teammates to “learn what you don’t know, don’t hide what you don’t know. One of the greatest benefits of working at Metalex is that all of our employees have the opportunity to learn and elevate their knowledge base and expertise on a daily basis. To learn more about how we operate as a company, Click Here

Competitive Compensation Pay for Performance
Our compensation is among the most competitive in our industry. Metalex is an employee oriented company, which is why we believe in “pay for performance The plan’s objective is very simple keep investing in and rewarding those Metalex teammates who consistently perform at an exceptional level. This is a concept quite different than just doing a good job every day. It may be compared to the process by which sport franchises monitor and measure and reward their players. To be specific, this plan is all about giving each Metalex teammate the opportunity to be the best they can be and to do the best for their families.

At Metalex, the well being of our employees and their families is essential because we believe our talented workforce is our most valuable asset. In addition to excellent traditional health Insurance, retirement and vacation benefits, Metalex offers employees and their families a number of unique privileges. These include a company fitness center, recreational park, and our employee training and education center.

Interns and Graduates
Metalex is an exciting place to discover your career, as you work alongside some of the most experienced and talented craftsmen and engineers in the industry who are eager to pass their knowledge to the next generation of technical talent. Students can gain hands-on manufacturing experience at Metalex through internships and co-op programs. Recent graduates and those with manufacturing experience are also invited to apply for career opportunities at Metalex. To learn more about these opportunities, contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Metalex team, please click here to apply online.

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Careers At Metalex
Metalex is committed to being the best-in-class and to giving every teammate the opportunity to be the best they can be. Our work enviroment is designed to foster personal, career and company growth.

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