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Bringing maximum value to our customers means providing robust Assembly and Testing capabilities. We do so in our technologically advanced facility that features over 66,000 square feet of assembly area, 150-ton crane capacity and 48 of clearance under the crane.

With our high tech manufacturing capabilities and modern assembly facilities supported by a highly skilled technical team of designers, engineers, programmers and some of the best craftsmen in the industry, Metalex is a one-stop solution for a broad range of services:

Complete build to Print turnkey assemblies
Equipment run-off capability including running actual products as required
Environmentally-controlled assembly areas
Computerized inventory control system
Complete cost management, utilizing our activity-based costing system

Prototype assembly is one of the most fascinating and rewarding areas at Metalex. It is a place where concepts, design, manufacturing and craftsmanship come together to build a functional system. Often prototype equipment may require design changes to get the equipment to perform to the intent of the design. Our company culture is to partner with our customers to identify all disconnects and implement solutions with pace in a team environment. Our designers and assemblers continuously learn from one another about equipment design and assembly techniques, thus improving the expertise of the technology center.

Metalex understands that schedules and costs are critical for all projects. Our systems allow project managers and customers to break down tasks and costs to individual parts and assemblies. This enables schedule and cost verification within 24 hours and the ability to quickly test, debug and implement any changes or improvements that may come up during the course of a project. This is why Metalex is a preferred partner to multiple industry leaders, for our ability to take complicated assemblies and equipment from first-of-a-kind prototype development to roll outs of production units.

Stainless Steel Large Aerospace Assembly

304 SST Large Aerospace Testbed Assembly

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