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Metalex is the only Supplier to the JSF program that accepted the challenge of manufacturing both the inboard and outboard wingfolds for the Aircraft Carrier Variant of the Joint Strike Fighter. The starting weight of a Titanium forging is over 1050 lbs. After machining is completed, each wingfold weighs approximately 68 lbs.

These precision fracture critical components presented many challenges:  

Thin Wall and Deep Pocket Design:
Wall and web thickness as thin as .085” thick, with depths of up to 6”. This condition causes a tremendous amount of part movement as the ribs are machined from solid titanium forgings.   

Hinge Hole Alignment:
Precision hole requirements of 104 bushing holes have to be within +/-.0012 of a true centerline across the 56” hinge area.  

Outside Machined Contour:
Adjoining composite skins require a .007 profile on the outside contour surface of part to maintain stealth characteristics.

This project is an excellent example of how Metalex supports our customers from prototype development to setting up specialized manufacturing cells to support initial and full rate production.  

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Inspector Sets Up for Titanium Airframe for CMM Inspection.

Titanium CMM Verification of Hole Position.

Titanium Inspector Visually Checks Part.

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